Transit-Oriented Development (TOD)/Land Use Planning

Hahn & Hahn Team, Inc. are experts in the integration of land use and transportation in the sustainable land use plans and urban designs they’ve been creating for their clients.
Since, 1988  the principals have a keen understanding of what transit-oriented development (TOD) is, what its land use, transportation, social, and community economic benefits are, the ability to create livable environments that are “pedestrian friendly” and the public participation skills to enlist the support of local stakeholders (i.e., public officials, land owners, and residents within a TOD district).

The Hahn Team relevant project experience in this land use transportation arena includes the following:

  • Strategic urban planning recommendations regarding the redevelopment potential and market value of a historic land parcel located in downtown Winter Park, Florida. Provided client with a vision for the future redevelopment of the property and advice regarding redevelopment impacts (e.g., density, height limitations, quality of life, and pedestrian-scale issues) associated with comprehensive plan policies. Produced conceptual plans outlining the “highest and best use” potential of the property. Designed an action plan for proceeding with redevelopment of the property and connectivity opportunities associated with the proposed Winter Park Community Rail Transit (CRT) station.
  • Project management and land use planning expertise to Seminole County as part of a three-year comprehensive planning services contract, including conducting a smart growth charrette and identifying regulatory incentives to encourage “conservation village” design.
  • Advising the development team for the downtown Orlando Creative Village, a place for high-tech, digital media, and creative industry companies integrated with TODs in a neighborhood setting with a generous amount of green space for visitors and residents to enjoy.
  • Statewide inventory analysis of publicly owned lands suitable for the development of affordable housing, many sites of which were located in and around transit-oriented neighborhoods. The knowledge gained from this research study in concert with the 20+ years experience of the principals in the field of affordable housing equips the firm to provide for its clients powerful and insightful planning solutions and strategies for achieving affordable housing goals in a TOD district.
  • Land use planning expert witness services for the Florida Department of Transportation and private land owners in the field of condemnation and eminent domain cases throughout the State of Florida. The firm’s principals have provided these services on over 500 parcels located throughout the state. The scope of  the Hahn Team’s services include site planning and parcel analyses; original research into the land use, transportation, and development impacts of access “takings” on the viability of a wide variety of commercial site types; cost estimates; preparation of “before” and “after” site planning cures; and negotiation and approval of land use cure plans with local governments. The firm maintains an extensive database of environmental design and planning research in this field.

Representative Clients

  • Private Developers & Land Owners
  • Florida Department of  Transportation
  • Seminole County, FL
  • Eminent Domain Attorneys
  • Florida department of Community Affairs

Completion Dates

  • 1986-Present


  • Integration of Land Use Planning & Transportation
  • Master Planning
  • Redevelopment Planning
  • Smart Growth Planning
  • Gateways & Sustainable Design
  • Community Charretes
  • Comprehensive Plan Policy Analysis
  • Highest & Best Use Analysis
  • Expert Witness
  • Comprehensive Plan Amendments
  • TOD Affordable Housing Policies & Incentives
  • Interdisciplinary Environmental Design Research