Neighborhood Transformation, Senior Housing & Workforce Mixed-Income

  Hahn and Hahn Team has been transforming cities and neighborhoods with workable solutions for more than 25 years. What sets our firm out as “unique” in the redevelopment field is our ability to: uncover the true needs of a community; to dialogue effectively and genuinely with the residents and decision-makers during the process; and to deliver to our private and public clients a truly collaborative and transformative vision for the restoration of a community. Clients include: private developers, local, regional, and state government agencies, law enforcement agencies, the Nation’s housing agency (HUD), non-profit organizations and non-governmental agencies (NGOS), social entrepreneurs, resident associations, community development corporations, churches, indian tribes, youth violence prevention and neighborhood organizations, community redevelopment authorities, faith-based organizations, schools, and family strengthening initiatives.


The firm has extensive strategic planning experience in transforming distressed neighborhoods across the United States into becoming viable and sustainable mixed-income neighborhoods. Hahn and Hahn Team, Inc. is nationally known for its expertise in successfully linking a community’s human resources with the resources of the natural and built environment and for designing creative and effective public policy solutions that can be implemented in community transformation.


 The company’s focus is:

  • Sustainable Community Planning
  • Workforce Affordable Mixed-Income Housing Development Strategies
  • Neighborhood Redevelopment Visions
  • Land Use and Master Planning
  • Project Management
  • Grant Writing
  • Neighborhood Needs Assessments
  • Strategic Communication Workshops
  • Environmental Security Design-CPTED
  • Economic Development Plannning
  • Comprehensive Local Planning
  • Walkable Neighborhood Design
  • Stakeholder Outreach Initiatives
  • Intergovernmental Coordination

 Workforce Affordable Mixed-Income Housing Services

  • Feasibility and Market Studies
  • Needs Assessments
  • Securing Public-Private Partnerships
  • Master Planning
  • Training and Technical Assistance
  • Public Policy Strategies
  • Site Selection
  • Regulatory Reform Plans
  • Affordable Housing Incentive Plans
  • Employer-Assisted Housing Studies
  • Funding Packages and Financing Strategies
  • Research Grant Writing
  • Expert Witness Testimony.

Representative Projects

  • A Statewide Affordable Housing Inventory Analysis of Publicly Owned Lands and Buildings, (a 12-county, 1,000-site demonstration program) Bureau of Housing, Florida Department of Community Affairs
  • Affordable Housing Incentive Plan, Orange County, FL
  • Affordable Housing Expedited Review Process, Orange County, FL
  • Timberleaf Affordable Housing Redevelopment Plan (160 acres), City of Orlando, FL
  • Celebration Development of Regional Impact (DRI) Affordable Housing Methodology/Mitigation, Disney Development Company, Osceola County, FL
  • Florida Power and Light Employee Housing Needs Study, Manatee and Martin Counties, FL
  • Homes in Partnership Affordable Housing Comprehensive Plan Amendment, (700 acres) Orange County, FL
  • Affordable Housing Action Plan, Martin County, FL
  • Hidden Oaks Affordable Housing Financing Strategy, Orlando Neighborhood Improvement Services (ONIC), Orlando FL
  • Affordable Housing Impact Expert Witness Testimony, 1000 Friends of Florida/Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) Golf Course Community Impacts, Daytona Beach, FL