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For 25 years, Hahn and Hahn Team, Inc. has been improving the quality of the built environment and advancing their clients’ knowledge and understanding of the sustainable relationship between people and their environments.

The firm is “non-traditional” and creatively blends its expertise in land use planning, urban design, strategic communications and sustainable community planning and development to serve a broad spectrum of government, private business and non-profit clients.

As land use planning experts, Hahn and Hahn Team, Inc. assists real estate development clients with due diligence, site selection, land acquisition, securing entitlements and facilitating public-private partnerships. The firm represents private, public and non-profit residential, commercial, and mixed-use developers. Firm principals apply their expertise in land use, zoning and comprehensive planning serving as Project Managers coordinating and leading multi-disciplinary teams in obtaining land use approvals for large-scale, mixed-use Developments of Regional Impact (DRI’s) and Planned Unit Developments (PUD’s).

As strategic communications experts, Hahn and Hahn Team, Inc. knows how to successfully create communication strategies among diverse stakeholders that link a community’s human resources with the resources of the natural and built environment. We design creative, innovative and effective public involvement and public outreach solutions that can be implemented to make a difference in the quality of the human and built environment.
As sustainable community planning and development experts, Hahn and Hahn Team, Inc. successfully and “holistically” integrates the principles of sustainability in its community planning, urban design and strategic communications practice to inform, educate, and empower its public, private, and non-profit clients.

Urban Design

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As communities expand, planning for and managing inevitable growth is a vital practice that cannot be overlooked. More than simply bracing for the community impact of population growth alone, when urban design is done right, it can provide thoughtful solutions to transit-oriented developments, residential neighborhoods, mixed-use urban centers, and open space areas – all offering increased economic and social benefits to the community. Best of all, when incorporated early in the community design process, the beneficial environmental impacts often exceed the minimum standards imposed by a local government, making it easier to complete projects while staying under budget. We bring a pragmatic yet non-traditional approach to planning and design that results in communities which are not just livable, but enjoyable.