Strategic Communications and Land Use Planning Services For Sustainable Development and Green Building Practices (“Conservation Design”)
Seminole County, Florida

Bob Hahn served as Project Manager on a three-year “controversial planning project” in Seminole County, Florida that was designed to educate the citizenry, agency staff, policy makers, the development, and building community on principles of sustainable planning and development. Mr. Hahn provided project management, strategic communications, and land use planning expertise to educate Seminole County staff and decisionmakers on the benefits of implementing and adopting “conservation design” (green) goals and policies in the County’s Comprehensive Plan.
The project was known as the Myrtle Street Planning Study. The main focus of the project was conducting stakeholder, public involvement, and education activities regarding the “conservation design” and development potential and growth impacts of a 1,630-acre study area in Seminole County.
Mr. Hahn conducted “charrettes” with the community on “smart growth” planning and sustainable design principles. Other strategic communication services employed by Mr. Hahn in the study included:

  • Public involvement and engagement in the formulation and coordination of communication strategies that supported sustainable planning practices in the Seminole County’s Vision 2020 Comprehensive Growth Management Plan.
  • Public education workshops presented to County staff and policy makers. An innovative step-by-step approach was used by Mr. Hahn to educate attendees on how to conserve natural areas by rearranging density on key development parcels in the study area so that only half (or less) of the buildable land could be turned into house lots and streets without impacting overall development feasibility.
  • Public outreach regarding regulatory incentives to encourage “conservation village” (green) design in the future residential growth and development of the County. Mr. Hahn successfully demonstrated the less land-consumptive manner of this sustainable development practice that allows the balance of property to be permanently protected and added to an interconnected network and corridor of green spaces.
  • Interagency coordination regarding sustainable planning amendments, conservation design zoning, and subdivision ordinance provisions to Seminole County’s Vision 2020 Comprehensive Growth Management Plan.


  • Seminole County


  • Strategic Communication Strategies
  • Gateways & Land Use Planning
  • Sustainable Development
  • Public Involvement & Engagement
  • Public Outreach & Education
  • Interagency Coordination
  • Development Potential Analysis
  • Comprehensive Plan Analysis
Seminole County