Eminent Domain-Expert Witness-Security Design CPTED

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City and state government entities are routinely involved in land-use planning for communities. For example, as plans for roadway and  transportation improvements move forward, expert witnesses are often brought in to assess the various impacts the project will have on the community. Their expertise is essential to calculating accurate costs of environmental and community impacts, and for determining an appropriate budget.

Principals with Hahn and Hahn Team, Inc. are regularly called in to provide expert witness services as land-use planners with extensive experience in the field of eminent domain.  From site planning, to analyzing the land use impacts of a parcel “taking”, to preparing cost estimates to restore (“cure”) an impacted site, our experience in land use planning and design make us an authority on a wide variety of project types.

By integrating our experience in land-planning and transportation issues, we can provide valuable insight into the way transportation improvements should be approached and evaluated. Given the experience of our principals in meeting community planning needs, and with an extensive in-house database inventory of commercial properties . We have researched and studied from a land use and transportation point of view. We can take an integrated look at all issues affecting the study area of an eminent domain project. These comprehensive land-use planning analyses we perform assist the appraiser on the team in determining a fair market value for the taking, and allows us to develop a concept plan for the enhancement of all properties affected by the improvements.  Our expert witness services include making these analyses available for internal/external review and public presentation, as well as having our principals present at hearings, depositions, and trial if necessary.

Expert Witness Services

  • Analysis of Real Estate Appraisals
  • Design Cures / Cost-to-Cure Estimates
  • “Before” and “After” Concept Plans
  • Parcel Land Use Analysis
  • Growth Management Policy Analysis
  • Highest and Best Use Studies
  • Feasibility and Market Analysis Studies
  • Landscape Buffer/Entryway Cure Plans
  • Negotiating Approvals with Local Governments
  • Site Planning Cures and Cost Estimates
  • Presentation Graphics and Exhibits for Depositions and Trials
  • Market Planning Studies of Mixed Use Commercial Centers
  • Market Absorption Trends for Single- vs Multiple-Driveway Commercial Developments
  • Right-of-Way Taking Impacts to Affordable Housing Planned Unit Developments (PUDs)
  • Local Government Liaison Planning “Sign-Offs” on Cure Plans
  • Regulatory Research (Zoning, Land Development Codes, Comprehensive Plan Consistency)
  • Corridor-Wide Development Trends Analysis
  • Research Into Impact of Frontage Road Access and Replacement
  • Digital /CADD Trial Exhibits
  • Expert Witness Testimony at Depositions and Trials

Representative Eminent Domain Experience

  • FDOT v. Falcon Corporation, et al, SR 464, Marion County, FL
  • FDOT v. Leesburg Regional Medical Center Inc., S.R 44, Sumter County, FL
  • FDOT v. Vantage Point, LLC, State Road 44, Sumter County, FL
  • FDOT v. Sumter Crossing Properties, Inc., State Road 44, Sumter County, FL
  • FDOT v. Circle K Stores, Inc., State Road 44, Sumter County, FL
  • FDOT v. 7-Eleven, State Road 50, Orange County, FL
  • FDOT v. Jerry M. Robinson, MD, SR 400 (I-4), Volusia County, FL
  • FDOT v. Van Horn, State Road 35, Marion County, FL
  • FDOT v. CWC Investments, Ltd., et al., State Road 426, Seminole County, FL
  • FDOT v. Delfa Development, State Road 44, Volusia County, FL
  • FDOT v. James M. Ross, et al./ E. Cattle, Ltd., S.R 15/600, Volusia County, FL
  • FDOT v. Amelia Alday, et al., State Road 200, Marion County, FL
  • FDOT (All parcels and suits for Nova Rd. Right-of-Way Takings), Port Orange, FL
  • Orange County v. William S. Browning, et al., Liquor World, Orange County, FL
  • FDOT v. Norbert Dorsey, Seminole County, FL
  • FDOT v. ABC Liquors, State Road 436, Orange County, FL
  • FDOT v. Crews, et al., Orange County, FL
  • FDOT v. D.C. Patel, et al., Seminole County, FL
  • FDOT v J.C. Merchant, et al., Alachua County, FL
  • FDOT v. Dorothy E. Crosby, et al., Port Orange, FL
  • Wakulla County v. N.G. Wade, Wakulla County, FL
  • 1000 Friends of Florida v. Ladies LPGA
  • Osceola County v. Triple “E” Ranch

Security Design CPTED

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H & H Team covers Central Florida, State of Florida and United States

Hahn & Hahn Team, Inc. uses the latest solutions in Environmental Security Design-CPTED and links these design standards and principles in their community master plans, providing practical solutions for creating sustainable and neighborhood integrated environmental designs. The Hahn & Hahn Team has applied these CPTED principles to a wide range of settings located in both growing suburban areas and vibrant urban centers of the United States: affordable and mixed-income housing; schools; parks; redevelopment areas; outdoor streets; shopping malls; business parks; commercial and retail districts; auto dependent and transit oriented developments. The elements of landscaping, lighting, creating “livable streets” (ie. cul-de-sacs, dead end streets, alleys and street closures), pedestrian/vehicular access, pedestrian/vehicular flow and amenities, and security fencing are all comprehensively addressed in the Hahns’ visionary and intuitive designs.

In the 1970s, Bob Hahn was a protégé of the renowned CPTED Urban Designer Harold Lewis Malt. Bob learned first- hand the art and methodology of applying the concepts of “defensible space” to the improvement of safety and security in outdoor street environments, parks and open space areas. Over the years, the principals of Hahn and Hahn Team have refined these planning and design principles and applied them during the development and implementation of community-based programs to reduce criminal, drug, and gang activity in communities throughout the United States.

Inevett Hahn was recognized for her CPTED talents when her company was awarded the Golden Brick Award from the Orlando Downtown Development Board for successfully using crime-deterring theories in her environmental design of an apartment complex in the historic Parramore Heritage District of downtown Orlando.